A Way of Life Less Common

PDF-file by Christine Dixon

A Way of Life Less Common PDF ebook download Meet the Pioneers of the New Frontier!
Have you ever dreamed of leaving it all behind, to embark on a life less common, to embrace a fulfilling adventure, either off-grid/in the bush or to create your own homestead from a vacant piece of land?
Our contributors took these dreams and turned them into reality!
As our earth becomes more polluted, congested, and automated, many people are carving out a little piece of paradise away from all the hustle and bustle of our modern world, and getting back to nature
This book provides insight, practical information and personal anecdotes about creating a self-sustainable, healthy, and earth-friendly life in nature.
A Way of Life Less Common is meant to inspire, to inform, to share, and perhaps awaken a few more adventurous people to the possibilities that exist when taking the road less-traveled.

eBook A Way of Life Less Common

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