In The Eye Of The Storm

PDF-file by Mahnaz Afkhami

In The Eye Of The Storm PDF ebook download As soon as the Islamic Republic was firmly established in Iran, the government began to rewrite laws relating to women’s behavior. attempts were made to force women out of the job market, and the veil and other Islamic tenets were enforced in the home, office, and streets. Yet women have constantly challenged the attempt to socialize them into fundamentalist norms and have re-asserted themselves in both the economy and the arts.

This detailed study–the first of its kind to be published in English–transcends the stereotypes and misinformation that often permeate discussions of the condition of Iranian women.

The contributions cover topics such as education, the labor market, temporary marriage, the commoditization of female sexuality, the image of women in literature and film, parliamentary debates on women’s issues, and the strategies used by women to maintain a modicum of control over their own affairs in a male-defined and male-dominated society.

eBook In The Eye Of The Storm

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