In Deep Shitake (Shitake Mystery, #1)

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In Deep Shitake (Shitake Mystery, #1) PDF ebook download I don't know how anyone can give this book anything less than 4 and realistically 5 stars on a review. It's got everything from Russian mafia, weird-crazy girlfriends and a journalist driven by vengeance. Even though it's a suspense story, it's crazy-hilarious. What I liked about it the most? It was different. A heroine called Imogene Tuttle (Mo for short) who has to control her bad habit for swearing and so uses names of vegetables to replace the cuss words you know she's aching to let loose. I fell in love with her from the start. When Ross Grant the hero first meets her, Mo is upside down, half in and half out of the sunroof of his car, her derriere waving for all the world to see what color panties she chose that day was the half sticking out of the car. Like the gentleman he thought himself to be, our movie star hero stopped and asked if she required assistance. Struggling to sound nonchalant, she answered. "No, I'm fine." How can you not want to read a story that starts like this???Ms. Mason knows how to weave a great tale, grow her characters and keep the plot moving face-paced and the conflicts happening. Such a fun read!!!

eBook In Deep Shitake (Shitake Mystery, #1)

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