Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance

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Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance PDF ebook download There are (at least) two competing views on prostitution: Prostitution as a legitimate and acceptable form of employment, freely chosen by women and Men's use of prostitution as a form of degrading the women and causing grave psychological damage. In The Idea of Prostitution Sheila Jeffreys explores these sharply contrasting views. She examines the changing concept of prostitution from White Slave Traffic of the nineteenth century to its present status as legal. The book includes discussion of the varieties of prostitution such as: the experience of male prostitutes; the uses of women in pornography; and the role of military brothels compared with slavery and rape in marriage. Sheila Jeffreys explodes the distinction between "forced" and "free"prostitution, and documents the expanding international traffic in women. The author examines the claims of the prostitutes' rights movement and the sex industry, while supporting prostituted women.

eBook Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance

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