Swedish Comic Sin 3

PDF-file by Natalia Batista

Swedish Comic Sin 3 PDF ebook download This hot third anthology brings you once again more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s most aspiring artists!
Sex for love or sex for pleasure? Or both? A desperate artist and her model. A couple at the breakfast table and a lusty threesome in the woods. Two statues in a garden and a memorable birthday night. Erotic fantasies in an RPG. A sexy dress. Lost love. And a guy with a crush, who gets two for one…

This anthology contains comics by:
Ainur Elmgren, Anette Bengtsson, Elise Rosberg, Linus Larsson, Malin Lindroos, Maria Simone Buchert, Sara Hernoldson, Sara Berntsson, Tinet Elmgren
Editor: Natalia Batista.

eBook Swedish Comic Sin 3

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