Requiem for a Princess

PDF-file by Ruth M. Arthur

Requiem for a Princess PDF ebook download My very favorite book as a child was A Candle In Her Room by the same author - a really creepy story about a doll that haunts three generations of women.Having recently rediscovered that book in my university's children's collection, I decided to check out this book as well as the one I'd loved years ago.

Requiem for a Princess doesn't have the same creep factor, or the same generational aspect that A Candle In Her Room does, but it's still a worthwhile read.Arthur is great at landscaping her stories and making you really feel the Welsh countryside, and I very much enjoyed that aspect of the story.However, I felt the resolution to this one was a bit more predictable than A Candle In Her Room.It's still a great, creepy read, though, good for Halloween!It's out of print and very expensive secondhand, but if you're lucky, your local library will have recognized how great Ruth M. Arthur's books are and will have spared it from weeding.

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