Minerva Cries Murder

PDF-file by Mignon F. Ballard

Minerva Cries Murder PDF ebook download Eliza Figg, a 28 year old former Peace Corps volunteer has just taken a leave of absence from her public relations job to spend time with her ailing parents when her life takes yet another unexpected turn. Eliza flings open her door one rainy January day to snatch a frantic young woman inside, and Melody Lamb once again intrudes upon her life.

As a fost child, Melody Lamb had lived briefly with Eliza's family sixteen years before. Now, after Melody's husband has died in a mysterioujs boating accident, she is seeking the security she once knew, and Eliza soon learns that Melody Lamb, who is pregnant, intends to stay with er.

It's only for a little while, Eliza tells herself. But after Melody's baby is born, the days turn into months. Then one morning in June, Melody takes the baby for her usual walk...and vanishes. Does Melody Lamb's disappearance have anything to do with a neighbor's accidental death the day she left? And why was she so afraid of something in her past?

When Eliza begins to receive phone calls from someone who sounds like Melody, she knows she has to find out the truth behind the young mother's disappearance or risk losing the baby she has come to think of as her own.

eBook Minerva Cries Murder

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