Trusting St. Nick

PDF-file by Yvette Hines

Trusting St. Nick PDF ebook download Tiffany Ava Carson has had it. Unable to take her staid relationship any longer, she finally confesses to her boyfriend that she is fed up. She wants more. Needs more adventure in the bedroom. When he’s unwilling to meet her desires, she ends their relationship. A week later, she believes he may have gotten the point when she receives a package at her door, containing instructions and clothes. Excited she follows each demand. When she shows up at the designated spot and finds herself blindfold with a deep husky male voice whispering in her ear “Trust me”. Her fantasies become fulfilled in a way she never imagined by a mystery man name St. Nick.
Madison Nicholas Gray is the owner of Gray Medical Corp. From the first day Ava strolls into the board meeting late, he’s had eyes only for her. He has desired Ava for years, but has never made his move knowing she was already taken, and the fear that maybe his darker side would send her running. But, when he discovers she is no longer attached, he not only wants her trust, but her heart as well. While at a bachelor party her drunken ex-boyfriend admits that not only has Ava ended their relationship, but that she has needs just as dark as his own. This Christmas he may have his chance to gain her trust into a world she desires and her heart as well.

eBook Trusting St. Nick

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