A Kiss to Dream On

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A Kiss to Dream On PDF ebook download He Loved Kids...
Jackson Puller didn't seem like the kind of man to surround himself with children. But this tough-talking journalist loved kids...it was everyone else who drove him crazy - especially do-gooders like Cammy Glynn. So when he was assigned to cover Cammy and the Wishing Star children's foundation, he let out a groan...until he met her and discovered a beautiful woman whose passions matched his own.

But would he love her?
The last thing Cammy needed was some hot-shot reporter following her around. Yes, Jackson was irresistible, but while his hungry kisses left her longing for more, his persistent questions made her blood boil. Cammy had always dreamed of a family of her own, and there was a gentle side to Jackson that touched her heart. But she knew that persuading a man like Jackson to settle down was nothing more than a romantic dream...

eBook A Kiss to Dream On

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