A MYSTERY THRILLER BOX SET TO DIE FOR (Two full-length novels)

PDF-file by Jon Osborne

A MYSTERY THRILLER BOX SET TO DIE FOR (Two full-length novels) PDF ebook download From internationally bestselling author Jon Osborne (Der Spiegel, Official UK Top 50) comes two chilling tales of murder and revenge.

This box set includes THE CALENDAR KIDNAPPER and SKIN: THE WHITE POWER MURDERS, both full-length novels.

Spurred on by the burning need to finally make peace with his horribly troubled past, the Calendar Kidnapper has already abducted April Dennison, September Morgenthal, August Weatherby and May Johnson from various parts of the country - and now he's ready to add to his sickening collection.

When eight-year-old June McMillan is taken from outside her school by an unhinged former mental patient who steals children named after the months of the year, she dissociates in a wondrous fantasyland she calls "Rainbow Bridges," where the shiny silver trout talk to each other in their special bubble language and the friendly beavers never, ever eat them.

Veteran Fort Myers cop Max Clayton is dealing with plenty of troubles of his own in both his personal and professional lives. On the personal side of the ledger, two alimonies and three child support payments each month barely leaves enough over to cover a six-pack of the cheap stuff on Friday nights, not that he usually waits for the weekend to indulge.

Professionally, a too-lubricated tongue at the Policeman's Ball six months earlier - where he'd let the chief's wife know what he really thought of her intelligence (something about a comparison to a handful of tacks, though he'd be damned if he could remember all the details now), has led to a full two-rank bust-down, from captain all the way to sergeant.

With another skull-cracking hangover to keep him company along the way, Clayton is thrust into the case when he begins to investigate the murder of the little girl's mother on the same day June is taken.

Pairing with an old colleague from his days in the FBI - Special Agent Lacey Billups - Clayton is forced to unravel the mind of a madman before it's too late and Rainbow Bridges comes tumbling down forever.

A sadistic white-power group known as "The Brotherhood" is doing the unthinkable to young, successful black women in the primes of their lives. Headed by a charismatic leader known as "the Race Master," the organization will go to any lengths to ensure that its stomach-turning brand of genocide receives the brightest possible global spotlight.

When Cleveland-based P.I. Angel Monroe's investigation meets with that of FBI Special Agent Dana Whitestone, the two women must join forces to put a stop to the Brotherhood's heartless actions before it's too late — before Adolf Hitler's diabolical master plan becomes a horrible, 21st-century reality.

An unhinged sixteen-year-old chess prodigy is on the loose and wreaking havoc on the general public with a machinegun after escaping from a youth-correctional facility in upstate New York.

His ultimate target: Special Agent Dana Whitestone of the FBI, who he blames for the bloody death of his beloved mother at the hands of a pair of sadistic serial killers that she hadn't been able to stop.

Jack Yuntz won't rest until he springs his final checkmate move on his hated quarry, preferably with a knife. A little bit of sharp force trauma to drive home the point that she's a miserable failure at her job who doesn't deserve to live anymore.

"Terrifying, suspenseful and genuinely original, KILL ME ONCE will chill you to the bone.

eBook A MYSTERY THRILLER BOX SET TO DIE FOR (Two full-length novels)

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