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Spider-Man PDF ebook download This art Is weird, and I can't figure out who needs to buck up - I think it rests with the pencils (Kingpin's head looks more like Hammerhead), but the very flat tones could either be ink or colour.And two questions: when Peter's swinging around without a costume on, how can he spin webs with obviously-empty wrists? And, when Peter gets mad, do his gums always recede?

I used to think JMS wrote very authentic emotional moments. Here, Peter is such a one-dimensional caricature it's hard to take it seriously.And while he's working hard to convince us of Peter's pain, it's the laughable lines that get me, like "feel someone touching the web that has become my life". Or pointing out for the reader exactly how clever a writer he is, with "The symmetries tonight are so thick you could cut them with a knife.". It feels like first draft material, and while the revenge plot is a refreshing break from goody two shoes Parker, it's over dramatised.

Um, why would Wilson Fisk have a giant picture of himself on the walls of his prison cell? For someone so confident in himself, that's sadly contradictory.Hell, why are half the things happening the way they are? This plot is so full of inconsistencies I can't even work up the energy to feel anxious as the authorities close in.

Maybe it was an editorial edict to burn Parker beyond the point of recovery, or maybe JMS just lost track of a *good* idea and wrote himself into a corner. Either way this isn't as satisfying or believable as Bendis and Brubaker tearing Matt Murdock down, and only memorable in the poor execution.

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