My Rock #6 (The Rock Star Romance, #6)

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My Rock #6 (The Rock Star Romance, #6) PDF ebook download **********************includes a spoiler*******************

This series has everything that one would require for a rock tour & each book has been well written & the relationship buildup between the two main characters has been believable up to this point.

Tristan's really intense physical reactions to Brooke is puzzling at this part of the game if the author's future intentions for him is that of a man on the throes of falling into a monogamous relationship.Just the sight of Brookes body inducing a painful hardon without even a single touch being shared between them is a strange portrayal of a man on the cusp of being love.

That is not a good reflection or true progression of someone deeply involved with another woman with the intention of permanency.It would have been a bit understandable if he had been extremely drunk,drugged,in conflict with his girlfriend or if the author had written his character as a sex addict but none of these scenarios is true in this instant.Maybe the author is 'hardening' the character up for some major cheating drama forthcoming.

'When I turned back around she’d dropped the robe completely like she’d threatened to do. Fuck! She was gorgeous and my damned **** was getting longer and harder underneath the towel around my waist.'

It's at this point when he felt his body betraying him that he should have kicked her out before she climbs on his lap.

For the author to explain this away by saying that it's the natural reaction of a man to a gorgeous hot naked woman,is hard to wrap ones mind around.Despite his minor resistance Tristan allows this situation to escalate to the point where he has Brooke grinding naked on his **** & if it where not for a towel providing a physical barrier between them would have been full on penetration.I doubt he would her stopped if he had not been interrupted despite his feeble protest considering his thoughts.

“No! I’m going to say this one more time. You and I are not going to fucking happen! Now put your robe back on and get the fuck out of here.” Jesus she was hot

“Damn it, Brooke! Get the fuck off of me!”.How hard is it for a grown man to get a woman off him.No pun intended

So is this the natural reactions of 'a man in love' when faced with a hot beautiful woman other than his girlfriend/wife/significant other or 'just a man with a massive libido'?Which is Tristan at this point of the series?Is this type of hero build for HEA.He seems to have no build in resistance.Is there going to be a more steadfast character waiting in the wings.I guess only the author can answer these questions and I will definitely be reading them.

Aside from that bizarre though admittedly hot scene with Brooke this series is worth looking at.

eBook My Rock #6 (The Rock Star Romance, #6)

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