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Enslaved PDF ebook download Shawna Wills was one tough white girl. And she could fight with the best of them, especially her fellow officers in the Philadelphia Police Department. And her sexier than hell half cajun, half black partner, Steffan Myers knew how to protect her back. They’d seen each other through too many fallen relationships and lost too many of their own to even consider a getting involved with each other. But when fellow detectives are slaughtered in a messy undercover scheme in Baltimore, Internal Affairs calls the pair into action. The slain officers were pretending to be partners in the most heinous BDSM slave club on the East Coast. They failed.

Shawna and Steffan were given an order and a mission and they had one week to perfect it. Become lovers, infiltrate the leather scene and get an invite to work for the notorious club, The Black Art of Love. Run by the most vicious group of mafia, the club is suspected of trafficking underage runaways. And it's up to Shawna and Steffan to bring down the entire operation. Trained by the most handsome and elusive Dom in the city, Drake Simons, he teaches the pair to stretch their limits of love and sex. And Shawn embarks on a path toward complete submission - her secret desire.

The club itself is something neither of them are prepared for. Voyeurism, public sex shows and multiple partners don the stage every night. Then the owner takes an immediate liking to Shawna, desiring her to become his personal slave. His needs are simple and Shawna will succumb. As Steffan and Shawna’s relationship turns from a job to something else, their very understanding of the word partnership enters into a phase they can never turn back from. And as Drake takes them under his wing and introduces them to the lifestyle, he becomes interested in joining their life.

Can they survive the darker side of sex and bondage with their minds intact as a monster waits in the wings? As young girls are taken and used as slaves for the wealthiest clients in the city and locations overseas, Shawna and Steffan fight to find answers before it's too late and before they’re cornered for their deceit.

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