Cliffs of Portofino

PDF-file by Thomas Donahue

Cliffs of Portofino PDF ebook download American Criminology Professor and former FBI agent Marin Ryan is arrested for the murder of one of her graduate students in Portofino, Italy. The police investigators are convinced by the unequivocal forensic evidence (blood, fingerprints, hair, and ballistics) that she committed the crime, so the Italian prosecutor demands a speedy trial with the probable penalty of life imprisonment.
The victim’s father wants her dead and has the finances to make it happen.
Her partner, billionaire computer genius, John Hunter, wants her free and safe. At every turn, John, along with Marin’s family, are faced with crippling obstacles in their attempt to investigate and stop the progress of the Italian justice system.
She is found guilty and sentenced to life behind the heavy, iron bars of an ancient Italian prison.
John refuses to give up and through his efforts pieces together circumstantial evidence of the real murderer. Can he save her or will he die trying.

eBook Cliffs of Portofino

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