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Christopher Lloyd

As a child, my favorite book. As an adult, my favorite children's book. I felt a bit nostalgic as I pulled this hard covered, interactive pop-up-esque book out of my storage bins at my parents' house. Re-reading this thing brought back memories of old, from when I was inspired to step into "the world of horror" for the first time.

Horror was only one element of this fantastic read, though. There was also fantasy and of course the adventure section of the library could not be forgotten.

A young boy seeks refuge from a storm at a local library. Prior to this day, he had never stepped foot inside a building such as this. He receives quite the first impression as the author guides us through the misadventures he finds himself in as he falls into a world of pure imagination.

The imagined world is a clear representation of the different sections in the library and we meet with some classic characters from each genre that take form as the boy searched for an exit. Mysteriously pointed in one direction the boy is then on his own to wander the corridors. He meets up with some interesting books that become his companions along the way. The boy, an outcast in the real world, finds friends in the books and becomes the hero of his own story.

A great plot and imaginative story-line accompanied with interactive, bright, and captivating illustrations earn this book five stars. The book itself feels like an adventure in your hands and the decorative fonts and illustrations are the perfect companions to convey a message that could cause a kid to want to see what the library is all about.

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