Taking Julia (Shadow Zone, #1)

PDF-file by Isabella Jordan

Taking Julia (Shadow Zone, #1) PDF ebook download Earth 2069

War, disease, and global warming have caused a significant decline of the human race. The human world has become a Shadow Zone where people mysteriously disappear and infertility among those of age to have children has grown at an alarming rate.

The vampire race monitors the human world whose decline is forcing them to find other ways to obtain the blood they need. They also watch the werewolves who consider the vampires a threat.

The werewolves have sent Julia out into the Shadow Zone in search of the key to immortality which both sides believe the humans have unearthed. Rick is a centuries-old vampire sent by the council of elders to intercept her before she can discover these secrets and take them back to her kind.

Rick's been watching the fierce female warrior for a long time. No female has been able to challenge or seduce him in ages. Yet Julia is one luscious little werewolf who definitely makes him feel alive and more than anything, he wants to make her his. No matter how he does it

eBook Taking Julia (Shadow Zone, #1)

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