Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health

PDF-file by Liz Pearson

Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health PDF ebook download "Be healthy, eat well and indulge your sweet tooth."

Several years ago, registered dietitian Liz Pearson and home economist Mairlyn Smith developed "The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan."

This best-selling book provided guidance for optimal health and the prevention of diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is a welcome follow-up book about disease-fighting powerhouse foods. The authors describe how often to eat these foods and in what quantities. Filled with great tips for eating on the run, dining out and snacking wisely, the book combines the 50 best recipes from the first book with 90 new ones all nutrition-packed and fabulous. Here are some examples: Orange avocado black bean salsa salad Jamaican spiced marinade for pork tenderloin Wild blueberry muffins with lemon-zest topping The ultimate healthy chocolate treat.

This is an eating plan that's smart and healthy — and filled with delicious choices, including chocolate.

eBook Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health

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