Lady and the Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp PDF ebook download This is a classic story, although it has become a little dated and not just because it's marketed as a book for girls (a personal bug-bear of mine since I've been reading science fiction, fantasy and military fiction since I was about eleven).

The action in the story is wide-ranging although the pace is uneven. The first third of the book is spent on Lady's upbringing, explaining how idyllic it was until the arrival of the baby and Aunt Susan, the babysitter. This leaves Lady's introduction to life on the “wrong side of the tracks”, the romance (including the famous spaghetti and meatballs scene), Lady's trip to the dog pound, her rescue, the rat and Tramp's rescue of the baby all to be crammed into most of the rest of the book, leaving space for Tramp's transformation from stray to family dog and fatherhood.

Despite this, my son enjoyed it. The illustrations (taken from the film) did as much to tell the story as the words did, but I suspect he wouldn't have noticed if the family-building at the start had been a little briefer.

eBook Lady and the Tramp

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