Mildly Handicapped Conditions

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Mildly Handicapped Conditions PDF ebook download This is Volume 2 in the three-volume publication, The Handbook of Special Education: Research & Practice.;This volume deals with special education research and development concerning students classified in one of the mildly handicapped categories. The authors of Section 1 focus on the topic area of mild mental retardation; the chapters in this section represent an attempt to make sense out of the confusing array of current social, political, educational, and research trends. Section 2 concentrates on behavioral disorders. The five chapters in this section give a thoughtful synthesis of the available literature in the areas of importance for those with an interest in the education of students whose behavioral and emotional needs lead their teachers to view them with special concern. In Section 3 the theme is learning disability. The goal of the set of chapters in this section is to synthesize the research literature in five related aspects of learning disability. The chapters identify common themes, content, problems and needs, and point to important directions for policy, practice, and research.

eBook Mildly Handicapped Conditions

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