My Life as a Radical Lawyer

PDF-file by William M. Kunstler

My Life as a Radical Lawyer PDF ebook download Well Kunstler's apparently seen and done it all!

Excited to find this book laying about after having watched a documentary about Bill Kunstler, "Disturbing the Universe."I had heard the man's name once or twice early in my legal education, but was not fully aware of who he was, what he worked on, or the activist that he considered himself to be.

This choppy memoir reads like a primmer to the many faceted civil rights struggles percolating in American courts during the mid 20th century.Some how, Bill Kunstler seemed to have his hand in every pot.Or, at least so he claims!

The breadth of cases he's work on is truly amazing, and, despite his obvious lime-lighting, it does appear that he was successful more often than not.The book is no masterpiece of writing, nor an authoritative account of history.It is however a bit of inspiration from a rabbel rousing attorney who blurred, if not eliminated the lines between practice areas, so long as the fight was against whatever stood in the way.

eBook My Life as a Radical Lawyer

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