Global Business, 2nd Edition

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Global Business, 2nd Edition PDF ebook download Introduce your students to success in global business today with a strategic approach to international business topics and unique coverage not found in other texts. GLOBAL BUSINESS, 2E by renowned international instructor, author, and consultant Mike Peng is the first global business book that asks the big question, "What determines the success and failure of firms around the globe?" Author Mike Peng answers from both an institutional-based view and resource-based view throughout every chapter, bringing an unparalleled continuity to the learning process. The book combines an inviting, conversational style with the latest scholarly research and examples throughout every chapter that reflects the recent global developments, including the impact of the 2008-2009 global economic crisis. This edition's comprehensive set of cases from Mike Peng and other respected international experts examines how companies throughout the world, including Brazil's Embraer, China's Hauwei, and India's Tata Motors, have expanded globally. All-new world maps that connect geography to business decisions and unique global debate sections that draw students into cutting-edge discussions help you teach students to think independently and view business challenges from a truly global perspective.

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eBook Global Business, 2nd Edition

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