Masquerades (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #10)

PDF-file by Kate Novak

Masquerades (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #10) PDF ebook download It was so nice to finally read a forgotten realms books that was good again.I almost gave it 4 stars, but I think it's just because the last dozen or so books from FR have been a real chore to get through.

When I set out to read everyone of these books, I didn't realize that there were so many.Nor did I realize that so many were writen by people who were just begining their writing careers and that FR fantasy has really evolved in the last 30 years...

But I digress.Kate Novak and Jeff Grub seem to really have come into their own with this 4th instalment.The characters have been around enough that the reader can view them as old fiends and I think that the authors did a good job with the plot and action.

The story takes place in Westgate.The hot tempered sellsword, Alias, and her dinosaur-man cohort, Dragonbait, are taking on a theive's guild the'Knight Masks'.Olive Ruskettle is back and there are several new characters that are introduced.

I can't say that this book compares to Salvatore or Byers, but it was much better than the Greenwood and Abby stuff that came just before it...

eBook Masquerades (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #10)

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