Septuagenarian Stew

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Septuagenarian Stew PDF ebook download Many people complain about Bukowski.They think he is filled with "teenage angst" and was cool to read when in high school. But now, NOW these complainers of Buk have grown up and are respectable adults who wear the very same clothes they wore in high school, like the same music they liked in high school, have the same jobs they had in high school, do more drugs then they did in high school, drive shittier cars than they did in high school, express the same angst as in high school, and think Star Wars is an absolute masterpiece of art.You are all liars, you are all hypocrites, and you are all full of shit.There are not enough Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones to change the fact that your life is shitty and you have made no real progress nor will in your life.No TV show or latest zombie thing can change this fact that you have actually digressed from high school.All the ironic mustaches in the world won't change this fact.To degrade Buk in such a way is a sin!You are in a constant delusion to think you have moved beyond the person you once were, nothing is farther from the truth.You are just balder and fatter with more vintage clothes.Thinking Bukowski is a teenage read is like thinking Picasso is finger painting.These are the same people who think that Buk is misogynistic.I challenge anyone out there to find one poem, one excerpt of misogyny.It just doesn't exist.

These complaints are the same parroted complaints from the same shitty people.How do I know this?Because it's the only goddamn complaintI hear over and over again (teen angsty, misogynysticy, immaturey, high schooly, etc).I don't even think these people have read him, but just repeat complaints from other dildos who have not read him. At least if you are going to complain about him, be original!!...and at least read him.

Bukowski was a genius.I needed to read some to wet my whistle after so many snooze fest reads.This book is good, but definitely some repetition of stories and poems. But who cares, I dont mind re-reading his stuff...However, I do think there are only 5 original Bukowski books, and 30 reprints with clever new titles and story rearrangement so companies can try and squeeze more money out of his dead, decaying, bloated, alcohol fermented corpse.I was worried I was losing the urge to read with the shit I have been reading lately.Leave it to Bukowski to reinvigorate the joy of reading.It is like a tasty snack you pop in your mouth.A meal on the run, a short read of Buk can do so much.A break from a long read, a breath mint to clean the palette before reading more garbage.If you are ever down with shitty books, just pop a Bukowski to get you going again.Bukowski once said "don't be like so many thousands of people who call themselves writers, don't be dull and boring and pretentious, don't be consumed with self- love. the libraries of the world have yawned themselves to sleep over your kind."... True as it ever was, writers take a cue...Buk4Life...

Also, just have to mention his short stories and poems are always better than his novels...Just saying...


"Early evening traffic was beginning to clog the avenue with cars.The sun slanted down behind him.Harry glanced at the drivers of the cars.They seemed unhappy.The world was unhappy.People were in the dark.People were terrified and disappointed.People were caught in traps.People were defensive and frantic.They felt as if their lives were being wasted.And they were right."

"every person, I suppose, has their eccentricities but in an effort to be normal in the world's eye they overcome them and therefore destroy their special calling."

"Martin wiped himself, looked down, flushed it away, thinking, there's a very thin line between writing and excreting."

always "the important thing is the obvious thing that nobody is saying."

Poems & Stories:

Poems for the lost dogs

Vengence of the damned

the strongest of the strange

a wild, fresh wind blowing...

Bring me your love

the rape of the holy mother

No Love Songs

at the Sizzler

the orderly

the nurses

There's no business

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