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Big Questions #12 PDF ebook download Anders Nilsen (born 1973) is a popular artist and graphic novelist who grew up in Minneapolis and lives in Chicago, IL.

He works on an ongoing comic series, Big Questions (Drawn and Quarterly), which has been nominated several times for the Ignatz Award. In addition, his comics have appeared in the anthologies Kramers Ergot[1] and Mome.[2] His graphic novel Dogs and Water won an Ignatz Award in 2005. An excerpt from Dogs and Water was featured in the inaugural 2006 edition of the Best American Comics anthology, and the book was expanded and reissued in hardcover in 2007. Other, more recent works include a graphic memoir, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow and a comic The End.

He is a member of The Holy Consumption, a Chicago-based group of comic artists, who collectively blog and post images of their current projects. The Holy Consumption also includes Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz, and Paul Hornschemeier. Nilsen also hosts his own blog called the monologuist.

Nilsen played guitar on two tracks on the debut album of the New York City noise-jazz trio Talibam!

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