The Cat Painter

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The Cat Painter PDF ebook download I will be reading and briefly reviewing several children's books in the next few days. This is not because I need to catch up with my 2013 Reading Challenge because I am still a little bit ahead with it. This is because our Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books book club will hold a storytelling sessions with less-fortunate children as our audience at Museo Pambata (Children's Museum) in May 2013. We will also serve the children some food and leave these books to them. So I need to know which books are good for storytelling for me to consider them in our poll.

This book, The Cat Painter won the First Prize, Short Story for Children in the 2004 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. That's the reason why I picked this one up from a bunch of children's book at NBS Bestsellers last Thursday.

Entertaining story?

Maybe for children.

Moral lesson?

Oh yes. It's about questioning the status quo.


Oh no. Cats, and all the animals, are being painted by angels in heaven before they are sent to earth by God


Colorful but a bit too crowded. I had a hard time distinguishing the two main characters from each other.


Not really bad. My main concern is the logic. What I like children's books to have is for the children to learn the real world as much as possible without giving too many deviations by introducing implausible situations. It is like baby-talking to a child that will just encourage him or her not to talk straight as soon as possible.

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