All Saints' Eve

PDF-file by Amelia B. Edwards

All Saints' Eve PDF ebook download Over half a century before the rise of the great Queens of Crime , Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers, Amelia B. Edwards was an expert practitioner of crime fiction and murder mysteries, of which the best dozen are included in this volume. These gripping tales range from ingenious whodunnits - All Saints Eve and The Tragedy in the Palazzo Bardello - to encounters with homicidal lunatics - Cain and A Railway Panic - clairvoyant visions preventing disaster or imminent murder - The Professor s Story and A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest - and ghost stories The Four-fifteen Express , Number Three , In the Confessional , Sister Johanna s Story , and Was It An Illusion? - in which supernatural visitations explain earlier crimes and murders. These tales, many of which have been long out of print, are an ideal read for those who like their mystery stories tinged with a touch of the supernatural.

eBook All Saints' Eve

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