Losing Control, Finding Serenity

PDF-file by Daniel Miller

Losing Control, Finding Serenity PDF ebook download What Would Your Life Be Like If You Simply Let Go of Control?

Do you criticize your spouse, nag your children, or hover over coworkers in an attempt to control them or prevent them from making mistakes? What if you let events unfold without resisting? Accepted people for who they are instead of trying to change them? Stopped pressuring your coworkers? Stopped telling your family what's best for them?

When we are driven by strong emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and insecurity, we try too hard to control everything. We manipulate others to get what we want. We try to change them in ways we think will be better for them—or us.We also worry obsessively because trying to control life deprives us of our serenity.

When you let go of control, your blinders come off and you can engage in life’s currents in an intuitive manner.The rewards are unexpected and often exciting.Conflicts diminish.Family bonds strengthen.Intimate relations become more intimate.Creative horizons expand.Work becomes more rewarding.

In Losing Control, Finding Serenity, successful businessman, author, and artist Danny Miller offers real-life histories along with practical strategies and decontrol tools to help you
*Reduce the control triggers of fear, anger, and resentment
*Make work less stressful and more profitable
*Find lasting love and intimacy
*Reduce the struggle with your children
*Overcome procrastination and achieve your creative potential
*Find your competitive edge in sports

When you begin to accept life as it is, you will learn that losing control brings contentment to you–-and those around you.

Find out how losing control really means gaining control.

eBook Losing Control, Finding Serenity

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