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Abominations PDF ebook download Shroud is excited to announce a devilish collection of thrilling short fiction comprised of some of the most horrifying stories of creatures, mythical beasts, and murderous monsters. Abominations features superbly-crafted tales, NEVER before published, from the most compelling voices in modern horror. Stories and authors include: John Teehan- Whatever happened to Baby Charles? Anna Lowther- Grace's Garden; Eric Christ- Riding The Oak Mill Bridge; Rhonda Parrish- Spoiled Picnic; William Vogel-Papa Mort; Tracie McBride-Marked; Mark Tullius- When it Rains; Kevin Lucia- The Water God of Clarke Street; Brandon Berntson- Mosquito; Jeff Parish- For the Good of the Flock; Lee Zumpe- Worm-sacks and Dirt-backs; Lon Prater- Starvelito; Lincoln Crisler- Old Stooping Lugh; Gerard Houarner- Devoured Smile; R. Scott McCoy- Good Dog; Dave Dunwoody- The Ambrosia Supper Club; Richard Farnsworth- B.E.K.s.

eBook Abominations

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