The Saucer Club

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The Saucer Club PDF ebook download "Delightful! Full of youthful adventure.
I have to call this a fun read, for sure, for ANY age, although, I will admit, these boys did experiment with "language" their parents may not have approved of. (Like I said, these boys were real.) This is fantasy meets sci-fi, meets larger-than -life adventure for the kid in all of us, because, really, flying saucers could be hidden anywhere!"Five Stars by Dii.

The Saucer Club is the relationship between four boys and the biggest secret in the world. When they decide to include Randy into their club, an 11-year-old that’s confined to a wheelchair, the adventure begins.

The boys decide to carry Randy miles into the woods where a saucer is stuck in the side of a cliff. They think the hard part is over when they get Randy in the disk, but as they realize the saucer isn’t completely dormant they discover that the adventure is just beginning.
It’s a tale of secrecy, friendship and adventure.

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