Maximum Speed

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Maximum Speed PDF ebook download They're not just racing to win...but also for their lives Haunted by premonitions of his own fiery death, Sean Devlin, the hot, young, champion race car driver for Devlin Motor Sports (DMS), his family's racing team, is having another one of his awful nightmares right before the season's biggest race. Breathing heavily as he races around an empty dark racetrack faster and faster, tires screeching, he begins to lose control of his car. Fragments of these panicky, close-up racing images are mixed together with Sean's memories of his bullied childhood. His tough-as-nails mother, Taylor, a stock car racer herself, is scolding him and telling him to man up and push the limits. Dragging him down to their New York City apartment building's giant garage late one night, she shoves him behind the wheel of her sports car and force teaches him to drive. DMS, the frontrunners to win big at the upcoming race, and take home the coveted award, suddenly find themselves the targets of deadly sabotage. Sean and his DMS teammates, Jimmy Stanton and the beautiful Dakota Philips, an unbeatable team of adrenaline-fueled racers, are marked for danger. Jimmy Stanton is brutally kidnapped and Sean's racing car explodes, nearly killing him in a fiery crash. With no time to spare, the Devlins rally together to find Jimmy and expose the conspirators who are out to destroy them. But what Sean discovers is a shocking truth that hits close to home. And that the entire DMS crew isn't just racing to win-they're racing for their lives. On the way to finding out who is behind the ruthless scheme, Sean confronts his own demons, especially his love life, while coming to terms with his painful past.

eBook Maximum Speed

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