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Uncovered PDF ebook download Kate Simms, a fashion planner, is ready to make smart choices in a new city. Finally over her ex, she is ready for the hot Chicago summer. The olive-eyed, hot as fire Jace Roland storms into her life at her most vulnerable moment. Strong, wildly successful, he is six foot three of pure walking sex and the most wanted man in town. He sweeps you off your feet and doesn’t care what you think. Kate can sense the wild inferno within him while he tries to keep his protective shell up just the way he likes it. He can have any woman he wants yet it is Kate who get close enough to uncover what’s hidden deep inside. When old feelings clash with the newly found love, Jace is dared to make a choice that can expose him. Kate and Jace get caught in the whirlwind of fiery passion, unaware that Kate must also choose as she is pursued by a powerful man who isn’t about to let her go.

Mature content for ages 18+ Uncovered is an full-length standalone book, with no cliffhanger. It is book 1 of the Uncovered series.

Warning: this book starts hot!

eBook Uncovered

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