The Ghost of My Life (The Ghost in My Bedroom #2)

PDF-file by Heather Jones

The Ghost of My Life (The Ghost in My Bedroom #2) PDF ebook download The second book in THE GHOST IN MY BEDROOM series.

After dying in a car crash, Lucy Warner finds she is having trouble letting go of her old life. Facing death is not something she thought she would have to do at so young an age. Fortunately, Ryan, the ghost that’s been haunting her bedroom her whole life, is there to help her find her way as a ghost. The good news is that he is now very real to her. In fact, he’s the only thing that’s real to her. Since Lucy managed to fall in love with the ghost while she was still alive, you would think this would be the happy ending she had been dreaming of.

The bad news is, her old boyfriend Jon can still see her. When he comes to visit, it’s almost like she never died. Lucy wonders if still being in love can be enough to continue on with their romance, and hold onto the threads of her old life. But life as a ghost proves to be a challenge when Ryan’s jealousy causes him to walk out on Lucy, leaving her to deal with the afterlife by herself.

Lucy realizes the only way to get Ryan back is to let go of her life and get over Jon already. But being a ghost is lonely business, and the living are just so irresistible.

eBook The Ghost of My Life (The Ghost in My Bedroom #2)

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