The Rio Grande (Rivers West, #12)

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The Rio Grande (Rivers West, #12) PDF ebook download From the distant mountains through the vast deserts to the great Mexican gulf flowed a mighty river known as the Rio Grande, giving life, promising adventure, shaping empires. In this land long held sacred by the Arapaho and the Shoshone, a fierce new battle was being waged as a bold young nation from the north challenged the Spanish for control of the continent. And for many it was a war for survival: Matthew Caine, an agent of the American government torn between his duty to country and his love of a Shoshone woman; Lieutenant Malgares, a Mexican soldier sworn to bring the American spy to the Santa Fe gallows; and Elena Cuevas, a nurse willing to risk death—or worse—to save the wounded Yanqui called El Gigante. Their destinies and their desires were entwined along the banks of the Rio Grande . . . river of dreams, river of blood.

eBook The Rio Grande (Rivers West, #12)

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