The Gulf Between Us

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The Gulf Between Us PDF ebook download During the main action of the Gulf War the public often felt assaulted by a mass of undigested impressions, images and opinions from the media and the military. It was almost as if a war film were in progress rather than a very harsh reality. Now after the hostilities, experts in their fields offer more analyses of events preceding, during and after the Gulf War and provide readers with facts and perspectives. These essays enable the reader to consider the enormous consequences of military action and to draw their own conclusions about the real nature of war and the potential for peace on our planet.It includes articles by Grace Paley on the American Peace Movement; Alexander Cockburn on the western world's relationship with Saddam Hussein prior to the war and the USA's will towards war throughout the months of phoney diplomacy; Abbas Chiblak on the Palestinian Diaspora; Faleh 'Abd el Jabbar, on the dynamic of internal repression and external aggression of Iraq; Dr Fadia Faqir on Arab women's experiences of the war; Admiral Gene La Roche and Admiral Carroll, from the Washington Centre for Defence Information' on the fighting of the most technological war; Edward Pearce on the media devastation; Barbara Rogers on the hijacking of the United Nations; Dr Lesley Morrison, a key member of the Medical Campaign, on the UK government's secret medical provision for the war and Dr Roger Owen's epilogue on the Middle East after the Gulf War.

eBook The Gulf Between Us

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