To Thine Own Self

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To Thine Own Self PDF ebook download Marketing philosophy is alive and well with Romi Mahajan's second collection of essays, To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing. Following the well-received Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing, Mahajan continues with his explorations of what works, what's new and exciting in marketing analysis, and what is just downright offensive, professionally and personally, from the bowels of marketing. Often referencing current news items and anecdotes from his own experience, Mahajan focuses on actionable relevance and a familiar tone - though you're sure to expand your vocabulary a bit just for fun. Let Mahajan's smart observations open a window for a little fresh thinking on the oft-maligned professions of marketing and marketing analysis. Marketing does not have to be soulless! Don't miss this read!

eBook To Thine Own Self

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