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Dr Beeching's Axe 50 Years on PDF ebook download Julian Holland's "Dr Beeching's Axe 50 Years On" is a unique memorial to all that was lost following the publication of the Beeching Report on 27 March 1963. Uniquely, the author has tried to include every railway line that was closed as a result of the Beeching Report, and more. They are all shown on Map 9 in Part 2 of the Report and have been annotated for clarity at the beginning of each regional chapter in the book. Needless to say it is not plain sailing: there are lines that were marked for closure on the maps but were closed before publication of the Report; there are lines that were not originally on Beeching s original hit list but which were closed anyway; there are lines that were originally marked down for closure but which were fortunately reprieved. There are even one or two which seem to have not existed at all! The author has included them all.


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