Do You Want To Go To The Mountain

PDF-file by Thomas Young

Do You Want To Go To The Mountain PDF ebook download Here's the exciting book from Thomas Young Founding Pastor of The Sanctuary Fellowship. This is a must read for anyone desiring a new level in their walk with God. It will challenge what you to think radically about what you think is "normal" in walking with God. It's for all of us who are hungry for God and want our passion for HIM stirred into a fresh frenzy of faith! This book is so fresh, warm, and above all life changing for those who take it's message seriously. Do You Want to Go to the Mountain explores Matthew 17:1-8 with insights that will lead to life change. With questions at the end of each chapter, it's a great book for small group study and discussion. It is a must buy for anyone wanting a deeper walk with God. Get a copy for you and then get more for a group study! Get on the road to going to the mountain and meeting with God today!

eBook Do You Want To Go To The Mountain

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