Back Bay (A Wash Woods Legacy Book 2)

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Back Bay (A Wash Woods Legacy Book 2) PDF ebook download Mary Margaret "Mamie" Marsh continues the story of her life in Wash Woods, Virginia, a long-forgotten ghost town in a remote area of modern-day Virginia Beach, at the turn of the 20th century. In 1901, Mamie Marsh, at the age of seventeen, was ready to marry the love of her life, Arthur Chamberlain. But a sudden storm changed everything, leaving her grieving in its wake when he was taken from her.

Wanting to find another husband for her daughter, Mamie’s mother introduces her daughter to James Meredith, a single father whose wife died many years ago. Mamie is unhappy with marrying someone she does not love, but she goes along with her mother’s wishes.

Though Mamie and James don’t know each other well at first, a friendship develops between them. As she begins to find out who James really is, Mamie also discovers more about herself, realizing that love has many different facets and does not always happen when you expect it.

eBook Back Bay (A Wash Woods Legacy Book 2)

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