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Disney Green Planet PDF ebook download This book is a perfect way to show children what is happening and how they and their decisions matter for the future and the environment, but in a fun way. This book is about making the green and sustainable lifestyle both fun and easy, and at the same time a perfect lifestyle to build confidence and spend time with your family doing something that matters to our planet. It covers a lot of important factors that are crucial in the journey to becoming green. Go Green! shows kids how to build confidence, self-esteem and it makes them feel that they really can make a difference in making the world a better place. By turning the tasks into fun projects and showing a lot of ways that you can make the green lifestyle an even more interesting way to live your life, you get the youth to think green early on and therefore secure a better world in the future. The target groups are kids and their families and shows them that they are in fact the future and their decisions will effect how our earth evolves. This book is a great addition to families and homes around the world because it helps each person to answer one important question in their own way; Why go green? It teaches kids responsibility, how to reach their goals, be happy about it, rethink their values, quit bad habits and the list goes on, all to protect our planet and our future. Involving kids in everyday responsibilities is a great preparation for their future as well as teaching them the importance of world peace, loving each other and our planet, so this book is not only about recycling and going green, it is also a guideline on how to live a better life and be a better person. By using Disney characters the kids connect with the message; that it can be fun going green. So lets change the world one-step at a time, one person at a time. Go Green - Actions For Saving the Planet is the perfect way to start."

eBook Disney Green Planet

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