Mythbusters Science Fair Book

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Mythbusters Science Fair Book PDF ebook download This book presents safer portions of “Mythbusters” shows as subjects for science fair projects.Not all activities involve common materials, but so many possibilities are presented that no student should be disappointed.
Users of this book should first know the requirements for their science fairs because some activities described in the book lack an independent variable, probably making them too simple.Projects are presented as questions based on “myths.”Each project includes a list of materials needed, a box showing the time required, and symbols to indicate the level of difficulty and cost.Procedures are given in steps.Concluding sections titled “What happened?” provide explanations.
Plenty of photos and color make the book attractive, but look out for the following.
* Some important information and the index appear in tiny print.The print for safety warnings is small.
* Although a hypothesis precedes experiments in the scientific method, the steps on page 5 reverse the order.
* Electricity and magnetism gets muddled treatment.Page 101 describes opposite ends of magnets as being positively and negatively charged, but they are not.They have opposite magnetic poles.On page 103, the description of a compass needle does not mention that it is a magnet.Magnetic fields are erroneously called magnetic currents.
* Pages 66 and 67 describe an activity involving plant transpiration, but transpiration is not mentioned.
* The device pictured on page 108 is unrelated to the activity.
This aside, the book does offer an interesting approach to science fair projects.

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