Mystic Isle

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Mystic Isle PDF ebook download SHE HAD TO TRUST HIM WITH HER LIFE...
In an attempt to rescue her kin, Kathryn Morland insinuated herself into the dark, mystical underworld of New Orleans — a world filled with hypnotic voodoo that fronted a society of sex slaves. Posing as a member pushed her courage to the limit...and made it impossible to resist the embrace of Roark Lansing. The sexy stranger tripped her heart, stole her breath — and tempted her to trust him.

Roark needed Kathryn to trust him, hoped desperately that the daring beauty would read his true intent in his heated touch, his passionate kiss. Because he wasn't the enemy. He was undercover, a man hell-bent on vengeance and prepared to save Kathryn from the evil he knew thrived in the recesses of the bayou.

Travel with Joanna Wayne into the American South as she unlocks Hidden Passions

eBook Mystic Isle

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