Sing a Song of Popcorn

PDF-file by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Sing a Song of Popcorn PDF ebook download Probably one of the best anthologies for classrooms and families available, but I do think someone could make one even better.

One problem is that many poets were represented by too many selections - ok already, yes Eve Merriam is good, I'll go get more of her stuff, but who *else* is good??

I would also have liked some annotations, as Louis Untermeyer gave us in A Galaxy of Verse.

The pictures are nice, especially those by Trina Schart Hyman.But they shouldn't be necessary.Poetry is more about metaphor, imagination, language... each listener or reader should be creating his or her *own* images in his or her *own* mind.

Yes I know some older poems have vocabulary and concepts unfamiliar to children and some help is appreciated.Ok, nice little line drawings, marginalia, of a sieve or a popcorn 'cage' would be fine.

But many of the poems were kinda spoiled for me by the pix. For example, I put my hand over the weird image of the witch and tried reading her verse again, but I still had that *imposed* image in my mind interfering with my ability to enjoy the spookiness of the poem.And the picture of the stile is wrong, makes no sense, and contradicts the intent of the verse.

So, I wouldn't recommend this.Some good bits do not make a good anthology.

eBook Sing a Song of Popcorn

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