Who's Counting?

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Who's Counting? PDF ebook download Spokeswoman for a generation, Jackie is saucy, sassy, and sure of herself. Now she shares her wisdom for the ageless in "Who's Counting?" So what does Jackie know that the young whippersnappers could stand to learn? She knows that life is too short to spend worrying over every calorie, every wrinkle, and every penny. She knows that too much of a good thing can be a very good thing. Most importantly, she knows that she can get away with anything!
In addition to her piquant observations and clever one-liners, "Who's Counting?" features hilarious full-color photos of Jackie at her rambunctious best. See her hanging tough astride a tricked-out motorcycle, flirting with tuxedo-clad men a fraction of her age, and laughing it up with a friend (at something off-color and hardly ladylike, no doubt). There's a new and growing generation of women who are making "the good life" last and last, and Jackie is an outspoken champion for them all.

eBook Who's Counting?

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