Sleight of Hand

PDF-file by Katrina Strauss

Sleight of Hand PDF ebook download What if the man of your dreams is also the one of your nightmares?

Edwin Matthews just wants to get some sleep. Traveling by steam train with his family, the melancholic nineteen year old is plagued by restless nights and recurring dreams of a fiery disaster. When a mysterious magician comes aboard, the troubled insomniacs trip takes an interesting turn.Tall, dark, and incredibly handsome, the flamboyant Sir Marco Satori offers to cure what ails Edwin. Spurred by equal parts curiosity, desperation, and attraction, Edwin agrees to the experiment. Suddenly he finds his quiet journey turned into a wild ride of life, love, sex, death... and a few strange things in between.He also finds himself claimed in more ways than one, while a promise of eternity may be more than Edwin bargains for.

Warning: This book contains violence, dubious consent, masturbation, anal penetration, light D/s, frock coats, cravats, questionable Victorian parlor tricks, and hot sex between beautiful men on a fast-moving train.

eBook Sleight of Hand

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