The Idea of Home

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The Idea of Home PDF ebook download The Idea of Home is a set of four essays given by Geraldine Brooks in 2011 for the annual Boyer Lectures. The first essay, “Our Only Home”, concernsour planet home and touches on the environmental responsibility we all have and our chance as Australians to set a standard for the world. The second essay, “A Home On Bland Street”, concerns our country and our hometown and touches on the costs and benefits of education. The third essay, “At Home In The World”, concerns our individual place in the wide world and touches on Brooks’s reporting career as a female in the Middle East.The fourth essay, “A Home In Fiction”, examines the place of fiction in the world and touches on Brooks’s career as a novelist. Brooks examines various concepts of home: a place of origin, a source of inspiration, a native habitat, a destination or goal. Brooks is both succinct and passionate: this is an interesting and inspiring read.

eBook The Idea of Home

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