Not One Word (Stand Alone Short Stories, #1)

PDF-file by Kim Dare

Not One Word (Stand Alone Short Stories, #1) PDF ebook download Nothing interesting has ever happened to Ben while he takes his evening run through the park opposite his house—until today that is.

He spots a very strangely dressed man sitting all alone on the grass not far from the path he runs along. He approaches, thinking the guy might need help, only to find the man unwilling to speak a single word. Nods and headshakes are all he can get out of the guy.

Ben doesn’t intend to take the stranger back to his flat. He doesn’t intend for things to get hot and kinky between them either. Luckily for Ben, what he intends to do, and what he’ll actually end up doing, are two very different things!

Authors note:

This story was inspired by a picture taken by Chris of Stumbling Over Chaos at Twin Cities Pride 2011. You can see the picture at

eBook Not One Word (Stand Alone Short Stories, #1)

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