The House That Jill Built

PDF-file by Phyllis Root

The House That Jill Built PDF ebook download Flip the flaps, open a fun foldout, and peek inside a final pop-up to find out what happens when everyone's favorite storybook characters move into THE HOUSE THAT JILL BUILT.

Jill's house is so cozy and warm that all her nursery-rhyme friends are knocking on the door, asking for a room of their own. As Jill cheerfully obliges, her house grows and grows, but somehow there's less and less room for poor Jill and her cat! Her new tenants are running amok — there's Little Jack Horner playing checkers with one Little Kitten, while Old Mother Hubbard's dog shoots the breeze with Bo Peep's tea-drinking sheep. With a singsong text by Phyllis Root and quirky, comic illustrations by Delphine Durand, this interactive romp offers dozens of doors and windows to peek under, a spectacular foldout to open, and a final pop-up surprise.

eBook The House That Jill Built

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