Lured away

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Lured away PDF ebook download Have you ever been to the Chislehurst Caves? I have - several times. It's good there, really interesting.
You cannot beat wandering around those dark, dank tunnels with nothing but a paraffin lantern in your grasp.
When your tour guide travels with you, educating you about the ancient history of the caves, you cannot help but pity those poor people who were forced to live down there. Unlike us, who can come and go at will, people of all ages, even babies, were forced to call the caves their home at one point in time.
Now, I have never, ever experienced anything strange or unnerving, unfortunately. I just wish I could say the same about the main character in the following story.
He pays a visit to the caves, after it being recommended by his father. He's completely unaware that his day is going to be one he will never, ever forget.

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