Herb Lubalin American Graphic Designer 1918—81

PDF-file by Adrian Shaughnessy

Herb Lubalin American Graphic Designer 1918—81 PDF ebook download A great and in-depth study on the work and life of designer Herb Lubalin. Lubalin's work is clever, incredibly crafted, and instantly recognizable. Adrian Shaughnessy has done an amazing job with this volume (as with his other writing on design), and it's a wealth of insightful stories and the breadth of Lubalin's work.

My only complaint is the tired and old habit of separating written content from the graphical content within the book. This is typically done for budgetary and design reasons, but this book would have been improved if the work in question could be run in-line with the autobiographical parts of the volume. That's my only real critique.

High recommendation for designers looking for inspiration beyond the ordinary, and for those with a keen and deep desire to understand American design & its history.

eBook Herb Lubalin American Graphic Designer 1918—81

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