Bear Claw Conspiracy (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, #7)

PDF-file by Jessica Andersen

Bear Claw Conspiracy (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, #7) PDF ebook download She Didn't Want His Help, But She Needed It - and the 24/7 Protection He Was Offering

Forensic analyst Gigi Lynd had an agenda. And it didn't include facing off against cop-turned-ranger Matt Blackthorn. But she'd do anything to help investigate a deadly attack in the Colorado back country and uncover a conspiracy...even partner up with a hardened loner who saw her inexperience as a liability.

Matt couldn't afford a partner like stubborn, sexy Gigi. He'd lost too many men in the line of duty to pretend that he could keep her safe. If he was going to catch the killer, he needed to stay focused. Determined. But his greatest distraction came from a woman he had no choice but to protect....

eBook Bear Claw Conspiracy (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, #7)

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