How to Find a Job

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How to Find a Job
Proven Secrets for Finding Your Dream Job

Jack Murphy
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Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Setting your Objectives 6
Chapter 2: How to Make an Effective Cover Letter 9
Chapter 3: How to Make a Winning Resume 12
Chapter 4: The Power of Networking 15
Chapter 5: The Essential Marketing Skills 20
Chapter 6: The Job Interview 23
Appendix 35
Conclusion 43


Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job, or are currently employed but are looking for a better opportunity, or are simple job hunting because you are unemployed, a successful job hunt involves the same basic fundamentals.

These fundamentals require both skill and technique. While it might seem as though some people are naturally born with such skills or they are in the right place at the right time, truth be told, successful job seekers have actually mastered the secrets to finding the right job.

In "How to Find a Job", you'll discover the secret skills and techniques that you must master in order to find your dream job.

Let's face it - the job market is tough, and only getting tougher. In order to succeed where others have failed, you've got to have an edge. This book will give you that edge.

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